Embedded Software R&D Engineer

To support our partner's software development activities, we are looking for a Software R&D Engineer. Are you the missing piece of their team? Find out in the description below!


As an Embedded Software R&D Engineer, you will join the Software R&D Team and you will work in a multidisciplinary environment, in direct relationship with Firmware and Hardware engineers. You will participate in designing the software specifications and in their implementation.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of your tasks:

  • You will analyse, write, and review specifications and APIs;
  • You will develop new bare metal components and/or modify the existing ones (e.g. peripheral driver, O/S porting) in an open-source context;
  • You will analyse and work to increase the software related energy-efficiency of the company's Integrated Circuits;
  • You will write code for command line tools, GUI applications and web applications for internal clients;
  • You will participate in code reviews;
  • You will write examples of code to back the clients in using the pieces of software with supply them with;
  • You will create and maintain the technical documentation for both, internal and external, users;
  • You will crack the bugs down, and you will solve them.


You are a jack-of-all-trades in the field of software engineering: you feel confident with bare metal programming and with operating system’s internals, at the same time you feel enthusiast for working on higher software abstraction layers like middlewares, drivers, or to develop software applications. Committed to deliver quality pieces of software to our customers, you are end-user oriented, analytical minded, eager to learn, curious, and passionate. You have a can-do mentality.

More precisely:

  • You own a degree in Computer Science, or related disciplines;
  • You are fluent in English (a working knowledge of French is a plus);
  • You are fluent in C/C++; and, you know an OO language (eg. Java, Rust, Python) and the major GUI/web frameworks running on Linux and Windows;
  • You are familiar with the scripting languages (eg. Bash, Shell, Perl);
  • You have a valuable knowledge of the microcontroller/processor architectures (ARM architectures and the CMSIS API is a plus);
  • You are enthusiast for system programming (eg. FreeRTOS, Embed, Linux);
  • You are willing to work with the design-by-contract paradigm;
  • You are not afraid of the Assembly language;
  • You have a significant interest in the hardware layer and the communications buses (USB and DCMI is a plus);
  • You have strong written and oral communication skills.

Our partner

Our partner is a start-up founded in 2014. Its objective? To ensure that connected objects consume as little as possible and recharge themselves autonomously thanks to the energy present in their own environment. To do this, it designs components (semiconductors) that can be adapted to the needs of its customers and that are capable of harvesting this energy, capturing the desired information and transmitting a signal. The company currently employs around twenty people and has been growing steadily since its creation. It was notably present at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2022.


Beyond an attractive package and benefits, you will work at the cutting-edge of technology within a company with a young and motivating team spirit. In addition, you will have the opportunity to develop your career and experience as our partner grows.


Emploi Liège - Job Liège - Software - R&D - Engineer - Embedded - Computer - Technology - Semiconductor - Hardware - English - Electronics - C/C++ - Java - Python - Rust - Code - Linux - Windows - Bash - Shell - Perl - FreeRTOS - USB



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Florence Miesse
M: +32 470 673 965

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